A new (r)evolution

It is clear that electrical power and energy systems (EPES) are of key importance for almost all other domains and sectors that demand energy and electricity supply.

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Phasor Measurement Unit for Monitoring Power Systems

Architecture of a Synchrophasor networks

A typical architecture of a synchrophasor network is shown in the figure. PMUs produce synchronized measurements of the phasors, frequency and the rate of change of frequency of the voltage and current signals, and output time stamped phasor data to a communication network using a standard format at a predefined reporting rate.

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The BTC Company

Trusted by leading multinational and regional companies, the BTC Company is one of the leading commercial property development companies in the region. Under the brand name BTC City, it operates one of the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreational, and cultural centers in Europe, located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The BTC Company also runs a logistics service unit, which holds the leading market position in FMCG logistics in Slovenia.

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Food for thought on a blue Monday

Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes

[The Cobbler of Preston by Christopher Bullock (1716)]

Maybe is blue Monday effect [1], maybe is just sheer experience, but over the years I have come to the conclusion that, in the cyber-world (that has become another view of the whole world), there are not two sure things, but three sure things; death, taxes and to be hacked [2].

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ASM Terni

With a generation more and more distributed, clients and families who became prosumers (consumers able to produce), technologies (like the blockchain) enables a democratization of producing and selling energy, the Utility future role, both in Distribution and Marketing, will change. The Utility role, in fact, will be more important than before.

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BFP Group

In the renewable energy sources (RES) world, the end users are generally more interested in the optimization of the energy production in order to get a business plan as much profitable as possible.

On the other side, the attention towards the protection of the plants from cyber attacks is usually neglected and protection measures usually do not go beyond the installation of common firewalls and antiviruses.

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