LSP 4: Collaborative /DSO flexibility vs cybersecurity and privacy

In the south of Sweden EON established a Demand Side Response (DSR) system in order to manage the energy of domestic consumer and thus experience the contribution to the local grid. The current version of the DSR – system comprises about 20-30 domestic customers equipped with smart meters and assets like PV, battery, heat pump and electric boiler. In addition, on microgrid level generation like a PV plant and a wind turbine is available being supported by a battery system and a backup generator. Finally, weather data and energy prices are provided. All mentioned information is connected to a real time database system (ICONICS) and based on this data different methods of generation and demand control are applied. The DSR system is connected to a grid controller which is also monitoring and controlling a PV plant, a wind turbine and a central energy storage system. The grid controller will determine the most efficient operation of all system connected to it, ensuring also a reliable grid operation. The grid procedures have been developed considering up to extreme cases when the whole system is operated islanded from the grid. It should be noticed that all EON LSP will be controlled from Germany.

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