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PHOENIX will leverage the outcome of SUCCESS as mainly resiliency and tolerance methodologies, I2SP and NORM features. ASM, SYN, CRE, RWTH and DNV are members of the SUCCESS consortium and will transfer the necessary knowledge.

PHOENIX will be a direct continuation of DEFENER, adopting and utilizing energy infrastructure protection techniques and countermeasures via common members TRT, SYN, SILO, ASM, BFP and RWTH. It is worth to note that PHOENIX Technical Manager Dr. Theodore Zahariadis is also DEFEDNER Technical Manager.

PHOENIX will utilise the NRG-5 developments related to 5G slicing, virtual substations, and 5G-NORM to offer increased security and traceability. TSG, SILO, ASM, EMOT, CRE, SYN and RWTH will liaison between the two projects and bring the required results.
PHOENIX will extend SOFIE platform as information exchange platform to EPES via AALTO (project coordinator), SYN (Technical Manager), ASM and EMOT, common members of both consortia.
ASM and RWTH, common partners in ELSA will utilize the 2nd life batteries’ solution for stabilizing the EPES network and validate in real life LSPs in Terni.
PHOENIX will validate the islanding features of Interflex. EON and RWTH who are common partners will apply Interflex results on PV and wind farms in the south part of Italy, via PHOENIX partner BFP.
Projects common partners DNV, and ELLJ will analyse the business models coming from Intergrid as part of the I2SP geographical, hierarchical and organizational governmental models in NIS Directive implementation.
DNV, CRE and ASM participate at NobelGrid project and will bring the Smart Meter systems expertise, along with pre-product prototypes to be tested and integrated in the PHOENIX smart city pilots in ASM.
PHOENIX will liaison with PROMOTioN via DNV and RWTH who are common partners and apply solutions from PROMOTioN off-shore wind farms in the south part of Italy, via PHOENIX partner BFP.

PHOENIX will liaison with RESERVE in stabilising the VPP approach using 5G based technology. TRANS, CRE and RWTH are common partners that will bring the knowhow to PHOENIX.

PHOENIX will liaison with WiseGrid in the direction of sharing ICT services and tools in securing the Smart Grid. ASM, EMOT and CRE are common partners that will bring the knowhow to PHOENIX project.

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