Secure exchange of cyber threat intelligence using TAXII and DLTs

Critical Infrastructures (CI) may be defined as collections of cyber-physical systems whose disruptions or failures result in destructive financial and health consequences for large population segments. Electrical Power and Energy Systems (EPES) constitute some of the most essential critical infrastructures, particularly due to the high dependency of other technologies, services as well as CIs on the proper operation and availability of power networks.

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Reputation and trust assessment

When talking about data, it is important to know that any data handling is associated with a certain degree of risk of data leakage. Data can be exposed while transiting through a data transmission/exchange system or even while it is stored. Data protection and reputation mechanisms are putting in place to prevent malicious and dishonest data handling.

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PHOENIX Project will ensure the Smart EV Charging Management System (SCMS) is resilient to Cyber-Attacks

The transition to electric mobility is giving rise to new threats and new opportunities for the electricity grid, in this regard smart charging management system (SCMS) have been developed with the aim of creating significant benefits by coordinating the charging of electric vehicles with the management systems of the power grid; however, if not properly protected, this collaboration can create various problems due to cyber-attacks.

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PHOENIX EPES Cybersecurity Large-Scale Pilots – Dissemination at Enlit Europe 2021

PHOENIX project will also be present at this year’s Enlit Europe from 30 November to 2 December 2021 in Milan, Italy. It is one of Europe’s largest exhibition addressing energy-related issues. We will use this opportunity to disseminate the latest findings and project results in front of a large audience of relevant stakeholders and raise awareness for cybersecurity and the challenges ahead.

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