Energy infrastructures cooperation

In Phoenix project different actors, belonging to the Energy infrastructures business, work and cooperate for the harmonization of different sectors, for the optimization of the energy management strategy and for improving the resilience of the energy infrastructures.

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Security hygiene in OT environment

Practicing good security hygiene provides networks and assets a fighting chance against hackers, and thus should be performed regularly, eventually becoming a routine, like brushing your teeth daily. The cheapest and most efficient way to start implementing security hygiene is to harden existing assets. A few guidelines of what steps should be performed are listed below.

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The advantages of secure cyber threat sharing platform in PHOENIX platform

The secure and persistent communication (SPC) layer in the PHOENIX framework addresses the key challenges of threat sharing process as follows: establishing trusted relationships between participants through robust authentication and authorization methods, guaranteeing the reliability of data via integrity checks, fostering interoperability via unified semantics and message formats, preserving data privacy by persisting data hashes on the blockchain and automating all processes pertaining to data exchange.

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The cyber risk exposure for the green energy sector

In the green energy sector, currently, almost everywhere, there has been a huge increase in energy demand, creating the current gas supply crisis, with the associated possible attacks by cyber criminals. This is why it becomes essential additional mechanisms and solutions for protecting the country’s economy.

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Human factor in cybersecurity

These days, when more and more technologies are evolving in the direction of artificial intelligence to help digitalization and automations to evolve even faster, we often forget about the human factor in cybersecurity.

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