Security By Design

Energy networks are becoming ever more decentralized with an increasing number of renewable resources connected to them. Due to the volatile nature of this generation, distribution grids will need to ensure that controllable loads and renewable generation are synchronized, to avoid peaks and prevent over-loading. Achieving this will help enable renewable generation, ensure security of supply, and mitigate expensive grid upgrades.

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Evaluating the security of electricity infrastructures

The electrical grid constitutes of legacy systems that were built with no security in mind. As we move towards the Industry 4.0 area though a high-degree of automation and connectivity provides: 1) fast and flexible configuration and updates as well as 2) easier maintenance and handling of misconfigurations and operational errors.

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A new (r)evolution

It is clear that electrical power and energy systems (EPES) are of key importance for almost all other domains and sectors that demand energy and electricity supply.

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Phasor Measurement Unit for Monitoring Power Systems

Architecture of a Synchrophasor networks

A typical architecture of a synchrophasor network is shown in the figure. PMUs produce synchronized measurements of the phasors, frequency and the rate of change of frequency of the voltage and current signals, and output time stamped phasor data to a communication network using a standard format at a predefined reporting rate.

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