Leveraging DLTs for Secure and Persistent Communications in the PHOENIX Platform

In the PHOENIX platform architecture, Secure and Persistent Communications (SPC) layer, as also reflected in its name, offers security over legacy protocols, as well as data persistency. More precisely, the SPC layer adopts a data-centric approach based on federated Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) to achieve a higher degree of persistency, traceability, availability, integrity and interoperability in the context of data communications.

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Critical Infrastructure Interdependence

Critical infrastructure comprises all the assets that are vital for the smooth functioning of a society. They include infrastructures such as energy, communications, healthcare, transportation and others. These critical infrastructures are coupled in various ways, and, therefore highly interdependent.

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PHOENIX presented at
the 22nd Days of Energy Conference

The 22nd Days of Energy Conference took place on 23rd and 24th November 2020 as an online conference and was organized by Slovenian media company Finance (https://dnevi-energetikov.si/). Days of Energy is a central event for energy managers and experts from Slovenian companies, research institutions and all those who operate on the principle of efficient energy use.

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Cybersecurity Training Simulator using Smart Grid Cyber Ranges

How could cyber incident response teams and cyber security professionals be trained and prepared to protect the forthcoming smart grid from cyber threats? A smart grid cyber range (SGCR) can be tailored for this purpose by utilizing virtualization and simulation to imitate or mimic abnormal features commonly found by DSOs and TSOs, as well as simulating cyberattacks observed in the real world.

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DEFENDER Final review took place in September 2020

The H2020 project DEFENDER (Grant n° 740898) has reached its final review September 18th. Being part of the H2020-CIP-2016-2017, the project focuses on the use of innovative technologies to handle cyber-physical attacks on critical energy infrastructures. It involves 18 partners, including several partners from the PHOENIX consortium (RWTH, SingularLogic, ASM Terni, BFP, Elektro-Ljubljana and Thales). DEFENDER has developed tools that will be used as inspirations in the project PHOENIX, including the cosimulator, the CEI Incidents Information Sharing Platform, the Incident Detection Framework and the Incident Mitigation Framework.

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Fibre Tapping and New Advances in MCDA

The Phoenix LSP2 is currently being organised by PPC S.A. Greece. Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPP’s) participating in LSP2 communicate via optical fibres. We review briefly the possibility of eavesdropping on optical fibres, a process known as fibre tapping. Moreover we report on some recent advances on MCDA algorithms which are a key ingredient in Phoenix.

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