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With a generation more and more distributed, clients and families who became prosumers (consumers able to produce), technologies (like the blockchain) enables a democratization of producing and selling energy, the Utility future role, both in Distribution and Marketing, will change. The Utility role, in fact, will be more important than before.

The control room for the management of power grid has to be extended from the operators, involving prosumers, users and producers, depending on what they will consume and/or produce, in order to contribute to make the grid safe and to increase its sustainability.

The operators need new levers for the management of energy flows in order to reduce capital expenditures and increase sustainability, maximizing green energy consumptions. This implies that the distribution system operators should acquire flexibility resources for the optimal management of the grid and for avoiding congestions. Flexibility resources would be mainly managed for shaving peak of consumption or production producing different benefits. On the one hand, they should enable postponing investments on the infrastructure and therefore the time for new connections is reduced because there are not needs of additional works, on the other hand, new business models are enabled and sustainability of the electric power system is increased.

A right management of a grid that follows production also affected by non-programmable factors (such as weather agents) is a grid that have to adapt and change to better manage the energy produced. Now the distributor has to use current technologies, which maybe are already employed in other sectors, like for example 5g, IoT and artificial intelligence, that is a grid where everyone, also the users, is equipped with sensors that through a network enter into a coordinated management of energy.

ASM is already working in this sector and it is going to empower this technology evaluating the impact of PHOENIX on its real-life trial.

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