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In the renewable energy sources (RES) world, the end users are generally more interested in the optimization of the energy production in order to get a business plan as much profitable as possible.

On the other side, the attention towards the protection of the plants from cyber attacks is usually neglected and protection measures usually do not go beyond the installation of common firewalls and antiviruses.

Such an approach, today, is certainly anachronistic; everything that is related to an energy infrastructure makes a progress, including those negative aspects that can substantially compromise the normal operation of a plant.

Today the new wars are the cyber ones and the energy infrastructure are certainly sensitive targets in this new scenario.

A complete plant management today cannot overlook the capability of detecting and managing cyber threats, also applying, in case of attack, the most suitable technical countermeasures in order to restore safety conditions and minimize the impacts on the plants.

BFP will take the participation to Phoenix project as the opportunity to develop a new cyber-defense culture to apply to its own plants pipeline.

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