Fibre Tapping and New Advances in MCDA

The Phoenix LSP2 is currently being organised by PPC S.A. Greece. Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPP’s) participating in LSP2 communicate via optical fibres. We review briefly the possibility of eavesdropping on optical fibres, a process known as fibre tapping. Moreover we report on some recent advances on MCDA algorithms which are a key ingredient in Phoenix.

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IT infrastructures protection upgrading

The COVID-19 experience which could potentially compromise the continuity of the ordinary EPES operation in the first months of 2020, has increased the awareness of people who must be able to carry out their ordinary, and not only, activities by remote, without loosing the efficiency requested for the management of strategical energy infrastructures.

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Electric mobility requires an improvement in cyber security

Electric mobility will not only revolutionize the energy market and energy infrastructure but also the way of moving, as it will be completely digital enabling a complex integration of automotive products within the internet of things; this clearly presents new targets for cyber criminals to exploit. Just like any other machine on the network, everything on the portfolio of electric mobility, from charging stations to electric vehicles, can present security vulnerabilities.

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Privacy and Data Protection, Ethics, Social and Security Framework Analysis within the Energy Sector

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Today, technologies make many aspects of our lives interconnected and interdependent. In this scenario, the development of new technological solutions should consist not only in the analysis of the best technical components, but also in the understanding of the ethics, regulatory, and security contexts in which the solution will be implemented. By adhering to this dual approach, researchers can prove that technological progress occurs in harmony with other instances of human life.

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Reliability and security – cornerstones of connected power grid systems

BTC Company is one of the leading commercial property development companies in the region. Under the brand name BTC City, it operates one of the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreational, and cultural centres in Europe, located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The BTC Company also runs a logistics service unit, which holds the leading market position in FMCG logistics in Slovenia.

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DLTs as building blocks for European EPES

In the development of power systems, the focus of communication and security has almost always been on network reliability. Safety has always taken precedence over security, and in a sense, it still does. Until recently, communication has been considered a key enabler for the grid. However, with smart grids, the information infrastructure supporting the monitoring and management activities of the power system has become an important, if not the most important, part of a reliable power system.

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Federated Learning for enhancing the security of Critical Energy Infrastructures

Wind-turbine systems are considered among the most complex Cyber-Physical infrastructures causing huge cascading effects to other Critical Energy Infrastructures (CEIs), such as Electrical Power and Energy Systems (EPES), communications, transportation, industry and finance. Wind turbines are mainly composed of condition monitoring and operational data (i.e. Supervisory Command and Data Acquisition-SCADA), including air-temperature, air-pressure, voltage and power with multiple types of parameters and periodic characteristics.

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