A successful Cybersecurity Large Scale Pilot (LSP) in SLOVENIA

PHOENIX Partners successfully implemented and completed the Cybersecurity Large Scale Pilot “LSP3”, with a main focus on “Collaborative Microgrid-enabled cyber risks mitigation”
The main results of LSP3 are the following:

  • Completing the implementation of the universal secure gateways,
  • Integration and implementation of the Phoenix local platform,
  • penetration testing showed no specific issues,
  • Evaluation of the results, no threats detected, DSO ICT system is well protected.

LSP3 is located in Slovenia, NorthEast of Lubljana capital.  The involved actors in the pilot are Elektro Ljubljana d.d., Electricity Distribution company, and BTC d.d., the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreational, and cultural centers in Slovenia. The BTC Company also runs a logistics service unit, which holds the leading market position in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) logistics.

The LSP3 infrastructure consists of Metering systems and associated services, SCADA systems, Renewable Energy Resources (RES), Energy Storage and the Electrical Power Network Infrastructure.

LSP3 also tested the use case of flexibility services provision, including the cybersecurity solutions developed in Phoenix project.

Universal Security Gateways (USGs), as a part of an upgraded smart meter, monitors the data traffic, and provide the awareness in case of any anomalies are detected.

Information are gathered in the local Phoenix platform, the Distribution System Operator (DSO) is informed about the potential risk and possible incidents or cyberattacks, before they even can propagate and/or initiate large scale damage.

More, advanced Phoenix solution and concept is further shared on the international level, where the global Phoenix platform is in operation, European Power Energy System (EPES).

Phoenix projects and its results are for Elektro Ljubljana a valuable experience and a great source of knowledge on EPES Cybersecurity.

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